Which Electric Scooters Do Voi Use?


Written by Ed Wiles, Scootered Founder

Swedish e-scooter rental company Voi has been winning licenses to trial e-scooters in British cities, such as Bristol, probably much to the chagrin of bigger US players like Bird and Lime. It is unclear how local councils are deciding which of the now numerous companies they use (Ginger was given the first license to rent out e-scooters in the UK in Middlesborough), but their latest scooters do indeed seem to be a classy choice. Such hire schemes are great for people who want to use them for legitimate reasons, but many realise that it makes sense to buy their own electric scooter and thus want to know which e-scooters they have been riding with Voi.

Voi calls its scooters "Voiagers", and there have been three versions (all quite different) so far, with the Voiager 3X being used in Bristol and Bath. The Voiager 3X is essentially a bespoke scooter (made especially for Voi) but it does share some basic similarities with the Ninebot Max G30: the main difference being the hydraulic suspension on the front (and of course the hire e-scooters are not foldable). Below are images of the Voiager 3X alongside an image of the Ninebot G30.

The Voiager 3X versus Ninebot-Segway Max G30

Max G30 and ES2

Ninebot makes the scooters for Xiaomi as well, so there is not much difference between the G30 and the Xiaomi Pro 2. Although first released in late 2019, the G30 has been hard to obtain due to demand that the coronavirus pandemic. So, basically, if you want to buy the same e-scooter as you have been riding, an Max G30 or Xiaomi are the best options. If you want a scooter that has hydraulic suspension, you should expect to spend a lot more money (over £1000).