BUY discounted e-scooters in saint albans AND harpenden


As we are based in Harpenden, we offer a discount on our e-scooters for residents with an "AL" postcode (eg those living in St Albans or Harpenden) so if you are a resident of either Saint Albans or Harpenden and want to buy an electric scooter look no further! And with Herts Police having not taken any action against e-scooter riders in 2019, it seems safe to assume you can buy a Xiaomi M365 or Ninebot-Segway ES2 and ride it around town with impunity. Both e-scooters come with a 24-month warranty. Worried about some of those local hills? Don't be! For instance, as long as the battery is reasonably well-charged, the M365 can take on hills such as Sun Lane and Station Road in Harpenden without issue. Compare the two scooters here. Please note, these prices are for "AL" residents only.

If you can pay cash, email me for an extra £10 off.

Buy Xiaomi M365

Made by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, the M365 has won awards across the globe based on its simple folding design, 30 km range, 25 km/h top-speed, low weight and air-filled tyres. It also boasts cruise control, E-ABS braking, lights and dedicated phone app. Techadvisor says, "it's fast, smooth, almost entirely silent, with a battery that just keeps on going..." See our review.

RRP: £399


Buy two for £700


Buy Ninebot-Segway ES2

The Ninebot-Segway ES2 kickscooter is similar to the M365 in many ways. It also has a simple folding design, a 25 km/h top-speed, low weight and a mobile app, but has shock absorbers and solid tyres, and an LED spedometer. The most obvious physical difference is that the ES2's battery is stored in the handlebar stem. See our review of the Segway ES2 here.

RRP: £499


Buy two for £850

Please note that it is not currently legal to ride electric scooters on UK public highways.