BUY discounted e-scooters in HEMEL HEMPSTEAD


As Scootered Ltd is based in Hertfordshire, we offer a discount on our electric scooters for local residents, such as those living in Hemel Hempstead (ie with postcodes beginning HP1, HP2 and HP3) and we can also deliver at a time of your choosing - meaning you do not have to wait in all day for delivery of your scooter. Both these e-scooters come with a 24-month warranty so if you are a Hemel Hempstead resident and want to buy an electric scooter look no further! And with Hertfordshire Police having not taken any action against e-scooter riders in 2019, it seems safe to assume that you can buy a Xiaomi Essential or Xiaomi 1S and use it in Hemel without being pulled over. You can compare the scooters here. Please note, the below prices are for Hemel Hempstead residents only.

Buy Xiaomi Essential, 1S or Pro 2



The Xiaomi scooters have won many awards based on their simple folding design, long range, low weight and air-filled tyres. They also boast E-ABS braking, cruise control and a phone app. Compare here.

Buy Ninebot-Segway ES2

RRP: £499


The Ninebot-Segway ES2 also has a simple folding design, a 25 km/h top-speed, low weight and an app, but has shock absorbers and solid rubber tyres, atmospheric light and LED spedometer. Review.

Please note that it is not currently legal to ride privately owned electric scooters on UK public highways.