BUY discounted e-scooters in HEMEL HEMPSTEAD


As Scootered Ltd is based in Hertfordshire, we offer a discount on our electric scooters for local residents, such as those living in Hemel Hempstead (ie with postcodes beginning HP1, HP2 and HP3). So if you are a Hemel Hempstead resident and want to buy an electric scooter look no further! And with Hertfordshire Police having not taken any action against e-scooter riders in 2019, it seems safe to assume that you can buy a Xiaomi M365 or Ninebot-Segway ES2 and use it around Hemel with impunity. Both these e-scooters come with a 24-month warranty. You can compare the two scooters here. Please note, the below prices are for Hemel Hempstead residents only.

If you can pay cash, email me for an extra £10 off each scooter.

Buy Xiaomi M365


Buy two for £700


Buy Ninebot-Segway ES2


Buy two for £870

Please note that it is not currently legal to ride electric scooters on UK public highways (or pavements).