Written by Ed Wiles, Scootered Founder

Key Points
  • Scootered is a Hertfordshire-based company.
  • We sell the Xiaomi M365 at a discount.
  • We offer fast, personalised delivery.

  • What is the Xiaomi M365?

    The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter first came to prominence in North America and then Europe when scooter hire companies Bird and Lime put thousands of them on the streets of cities across those two continents. This created a surge in retail demand, which led to a global shortage as Xiaomi struggled to keep up, which is presumably why both Lime and Bird switched to using the Ninebot-Segway ES2 as well. Incidentally, this global shortage exasperated the market for fake M365s. Read this post to learn how to tell the difference between a real M365 and fake M365. However, things have settled down a bit and it is now easier to get hold of an original M365 - generally recognised as the best scooter for its price - in Europe. You can also read this review of the M365.

    Why Buy From Scootered?

    Scootered was founded in 2019 with the aim of offering the best e-scooters at the best prices - with a UK-based warranty (read this post about the differences in buying your e-scooter from a British company and a foreign company). And as we are based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, we felt that - as per our stated aim - we could go a step further for local residents by cutting the cost of you e-scooter even more. Visit this page to buy your M365 if you are based in St Albans or Harpenden. We can do this because we can deliver the e-scooter ourselves - instead of relying on Parcelforce, who would charge the same to deliver to Scotland as they would to someone just down the road from us (great if you want to deliver to Scotland, less so if you want to deliver down the road). It also means we can arrange a time to deliver your e-scooter that suits you - we have been known to deliver an electric scooter within two hours of purchase.

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    We believe you wtill struggle to find a better deal than we offer on the Xiaomi M365 for Saint Albans and Harpenden residents. Added to this, you have the piece of mind of dealing with a local company who can offer you the personal touch. There is, of course, also the bonus of supporting a local business. We also sell the Ninebot-Segway ES2 at a lower price for people in St Albans. It is worth noting that Hertfordshire Police have not taken any action against e-scooter riders during 2019, making it safe to ride in the county.